Stylecast Textured Aluminium


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Furthering the design feature of contrasting wood elements widely used in RFF furniture, we have recently been commissioned to create to our design, furniture with 'STYLECAST' inlays. Stylecast is a New material of textured aluminium from Germany. Available in 3 textures and a range of anodised and plated finishes, it offers a broad and inspiring creative choice.

As shown here in the Tables and Chest of Drawers, Stylecast sits beautifully with wood colours and texture. It may be used as a bold feature, or as an accent, and will work equally well in furniture, kitchens and corporate settings. It is hardwearing offering the option for use as a protective area or point of heavy ware.

Here at Robin Furlong Furniture we have developed the methods to cut and blend Stylecast with straight and curved forms to fit close to the wood carcase and edging. Do contact us for further information, and drop by to view samples and consider your project...

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